Bitter Juice Lowering Blood Sugar Levels – Many people think that juice is not good if consumed by people with diabetes. Instead of being a lowering of blood sugar levels, juice is actually said to be worsening the condition.

Diabetics are required to avoid sugar-rich drinks, including fresh fruit juices. However, a different story will be obtained if you mix the juice with the right recipe.

One of the common ingredients found in most juice recipes for people with diabetes is bitter melon.

Pare is a unique vegetable or fruit that is often used as an ingredient in herbal medicines. Bitter gourd is part of the plant Momorcadica charantia, which is the vine of the family Cucurbitaceae. The plant is considered the most bitter of all fruits and vegetables.

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This plant grows in tropical and subtropical areas such as South America, Asia, parts of Africa, and the Caribbean. In Indonesia, bitter melon is easily found in traditional markets.

The official website says bitter melon contains four ingredients that help lower blood sugar levels.

A number of scientific studies have proven the efficacy of bitter melon to lower blood sugar levels. The NYU Langone medical center, for example, states that when combined with medical treatment, bitter melon will be effective in lowering blood sugar levels.

Finally, research published in 2011 in Journal of Ethnopharmacologysaid, a dose of bitter melon 2,000 milligrams daily significantly reduced blood sugar levels among patients with type 2 diabetes.

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Besides being effective in treating diabetes, bitter melon is also commonly used to treat abdominal pain, fever, burning, chronic cough, painful menstruation, and skin conditions.

Quotes Juicing with GYou can make juice from two whole bitter melons. However, before that you must be prepared with the bitter taste that is presented.

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To slightly ‘turn off’ the bitter taste of bitter melon, you can also mix 2 bitter melons with 1 cucumber and 1/2 lemon. Cucumbers and lemons can provide some variation on the bitter taste of bitter melon.

Finally, if the second recipe doesn’t suit your tongue, you can try the next recipe. You can mix 2 bitter melons together with 1 cucumber, 1/2 lemon, and 1 green apple.

However, it should be noted, people with type-2 diabetes are recommended to consume the first recipe made from whole bitter gourd juice.

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