Billionaire builds soccer academy and donates it to SK Rapid


Good news for SK Rapid. As the courier reports, billionaire and fan Michael Tojner will build a new youth center in 2021 and will then donate it to SK Rapid.

The search for a sponsor for the planned youth and training center in Vienna’s Prater has apparently been found. The billionaire and ardent Rapid fan and Vartra boss Michael Tojner should be loud Courier Help with a much-needed cash injection and completely finance the youth center while bearing the whole risk.

As soon as the million dollar project is finished, it should be donated to the Hütteldorfer, the contract should already be ready for signature.

“As long as the ink is not dry, we will not give any confirmation of the plans in the Prater. In any case, it is important that – as announced in the election campaign – we are the boss of our own house and Rapid will not sell itself to anyone,” says Rapid President Bruckner.


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