Bill Gates expects multiple coronavirus vaccines in early 2021



The billionaire and American patron Bill Gates hopes that an effective vaccine against the coronavirus will be a reality in early 2021, considers that its mass production and fair distribution will be a challenge, calls for a “common global response” to end the pandemic and qualifies as “Ironic” conspiracy theories that blame him for the disease. “With a bit of luck” in the first quarter of next year “two or three vaccines” will be approved, says the founder of the Microsoft company in statements to the German internet program Bild Live, in which he comments that to provide this remedy to the 7,000 million inhabitants of the planet will have to produce about 14,000 million doses. “This is something unprecedented” in an exceptional emergency situation that requires new strategies, underlines Gates, who dedicates a good part of his fortune to financing medical projects and the creation and free distribution of vaccines against different diseases.

The protagonist of several conspiracy theories around the coronavirus, the billionaire warns against misinformation and lies circulating about the pandemic on the internet. “These absurd ideas are spreading through social networks much faster than the truth,” says Gates, who in many videos that circulate on the network and in demonstrations against restrictions due to the epidemic is accused of being responsible for the spread of the new virus in order to become even richer thanks to the disease. “I consider in some way ironic that after having warned of the need to be prepared to face this pandemic, there are people who now hold me responsible for it,” says the businessman, who is proud of the work of his foundation and of vaccination with funds from it of several tens of millions of people against malaria and polio.

The annual report of its foundation highlights that the pandemic will set back the fulfillment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by more than 20 years, in addition to causing an increase in extreme poverty on the planet, the increase in inequalities between poor countries and rich, but also the social gap in industrialized nations. Despite everything, Bill and Melinda Gates consider that “the response to the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to light the best in humanity: revolutionary innovations, heroic acts of professionals in direct contact with the virus or the simple things that normal people do for their families, neighbors and communities ”, they write in their report, in which they underline that“ this common global crisis demands a common global response ”. The report, which Gates refers to in the interview, highlights that no country can face the disease alone and that such independent actions only prolong the misery caused by the pandemic. The Gates couple warn that without a fair distribution of future vaccines against Sars-Covid-2, the epidemic will not be stopped and emphasize that, according to a Northeastern University model, the number of deaths will double in the event that the inhabitants of industrialized countries are the first to be vaccinated.

The Munich prosecutor’s office has taken up the case of a 26-year-old woman who is accused of being responsible for a strong outbreak of coronavirus in the alpine town of Garmsch-Partenkirchen with dozens of infected. Andrea Mayer, a senior prosecutor in the Bavarian capital, said she is suspected of causing physical injury through recklessness. “This is a possible violation of quarantine regulations,” said the prosecutor. The woman, of American origin, went after returning from a vacation in Greece to a health center with symptoms of coronavirus where she was ordered to undergo home isolation until the results of the tests she was subjected to and that were positive were known. Despite the confinement order, she went to the hotel where she works as an employee and where more than 20 infections were later registered and went out partying visiting numerous places in the tourist population, causing dozens of infections. The Bavarian Prime Minister, the conservative Markus Söder, has called the case an “example of irresponsibility” and demanded severe consequences that go through a high fine for violating the quarantine and possible prosecution for knowingly infecting other people.


Unscientific upset by the authorization of the hunting of the grouse

  BY iñigo gurruchaga

BY iñigo gurruchaga

There is resentment between social classes, or at least among editors of newspaper covers, because the Government allows the hunting of the grouse by groups of up to 29 people, at the same time that it prohibits the meetings of more than six. Grouse-shooting season begins in August and, as is common in wealthy British entertainment, there is a uniform style of dress to practice.

The parties search for their prey in the high part of unpopulated moors of great beauty. Participants advance with their normally separated dogs. The risk of contagion at the time of hunting – which has some negative consequences on the ecology of the heathlands – is really small: but hunting, tweed jackets, the price of shotguns and Range Rovers, leisure in working hours.

The social consequences of the epidemic are also on the front pages. Some 695,000 jobs have been lost from March to August, with the population segment between 16% and 24% being the most affected. Total unemployment is measured at 4% by the National Statistics Office. The government wants to end the subsidy of 80% of the salaries of 10 million employees by the end of October, and more job losses are feared.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists states that 4.8 million Britons were high-risk alcohol drinkers in February and that now there are 8.4 million. The increase in consumption during confinement has been a topic of conversation with neighbors or with ‘newsagents’ kiosks, who usually also sell alcohol. For psychiatrists, a high-risk drinker ingests six glasses of wine or six pints of beer per week.


The mayor of Moscow does not plan to restore restrictions in the face of the second wave of the pandemic

  BY rafael m.  manueco

BY rafael m. manueco

Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko acknowledged on Sunday that infections in some regions of the country are increasing and assured that it is due to the return of the holidays. At the same time, Israel has introduced a three-week lockdown, the Czech Republic has announced the start of the second wave of covid-19 on its territory, and the United Reunited has once again prohibited its citizens from gathering in groups of more than six. persons.

In this context, the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobianin, met yesterday with the municipal committee in charge of combating the spread of the coronavirus and put on the table the possibility of adopting some of the restrictions that were in force last spring, including the compulsory home confinement.

“We do not have any new restrictions or additional sanitary protection measures in prospect (…) we consider those currently in force sufficient,” Sobianin told the members of the committee, which was quoted by the RIA-Nóvosti agency.

In his opinion, the spread of the disease can be controlled by following the recommendations of the control body Rospotrebnadzor for its application in organizations, institutions, companies, shops and catering establishments. In particular, the use of the mask, the limitation of the gauges and the observation of the distance between people. “If these requirements are met, we believe that the situation can be managed and kept under control in the coming weeks and months without the need for further restrictions,” said the mayor.

Other municipal officials, such as the deputy mayor responsible for economic policy, Vladimir Efímov, have already tried to reassure the population by ensuring that the capital’s economy will not be paralyzed again as it did during the first months of the pandemic.

But the contagions advance. Since yesterday, Monday in Russia, 5,529 new infections have been registered, 20 more than the previous day. The incidence of covid-19 is also increasing in Moscow. Since yesterday, 730 new positive cases have been recorded, 34 more than the previous day and the highest number since June 30.


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