Bill Gates: “$ 40 billion is enough to vaccinate the planet against Covid”


The American billionaire assures L’Express that the most harmful damage caused by the coronavirus can be erased by 2022.

He may have been locked in his Seattle home since the start of confinement, Bill Gates continues to closely observe the state of health of our planet. The new report from the foundation that bears his name and which he directs with his wife Melinda in this regard throws a harsh light on the immense damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Because, beyond the human toll – the threshold of one million deaths will be crossed before the end of the month -, it is all the progress made under the aegis of the United Nations over the last two decades that is today threatened.

For the billionaire philanthropist, who has invested almost all of his fortune in his charitable foundation, it is urgent to ring the general mobilization of States: optimistic, the founder of Microsoft – he resigned from the board of directors last March – exclusively told L’Express that we could, in two years, not only end the pandemic, but also erase its most harmful effects. On condition of showing generosity and speeding up the development and distribution of a vaccine for all, explains the one who has become in a few months the target of all conspiracy theories. A shame for this hyperactive 64-year-old retiree, who not only has spent $ 350 million to fight Covid-19, but spends most of his time convincing public and private actors around the world to join forces in this global battle against the coronavirus.

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