Bilbao celebrates an atypical Book Day with flowers and books on the street


Bilbao has held a special edition of Book Day today after the holiday was postponed on April 23, due to the social situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Although social distance and masks have competed with those written for being protagonists of the day, the celebration has managed to maintain a point of normality by taking the books out to the street and distributing flowers among the pedestrians, as tradition dictates.

In full compliance with the recommended measures and with the aim that personal safety is respected, 24 booths for the sale of books have been installed along Berastegi and Pedro Ibarretxe streets where flowers have been distributed among those who have come to see what each position offered.

The mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto, has been one of those who have approached the booths installed and has participated in a brief event organized by the Bizkaia Booksellers Association, represented by its president Kepa Torrealdai, which has had the presence of local and Basque authors such as Félix García Modroño, Karmele Jaio, Toti Martínez de Lezea and Javier Abasolo.

Aburto recalled that the City Council, who had to postpone the celebration of this day on April 23 from Covid-19 disease, He promoted different initiatives remotely to promote reading among the people of Bilbao until this day could be celebrated in person, as it happened three months later.

The Mayor of Bilbao explained in his speech that “we live in a historical moment like few others that will change the world we knew forever,” despite which It has encouraged citizens and the sector to continue reading and producing literature and to continue supporting creativity as a whole. “The simple act of reading is a way to help change the world, the best way to keep our intellectual health in shape,” he stressed before touring the 24 booths for the sale of books installed between Gran Vía and nearby Albia Gardens.

He has also thanked the bookstore sector and the writers present for their «Effort to help preserve literature and the world of books in these dark times of coronavirus», and he reiterated: «You have to consume and give away literature, because the books bring together the main essences of life and the solutions to the great problems of yesterday, today and tomorrow… read to know and know to live ».


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