Bicycle paths will be built in Riga on Centrs-Dārziņi and Krasta Street – Satiksme


The Riga municipality plans to borrow 1.4 million euros for the construction of two bicycle lanes and one street, according to the documents submitted to the August 6 meeting of the Riga City Council interim administration.

It is planned to borrow the funds from the Treasury for a term of up to ten years with a deferred payment of the principal amount for up to 2 years.

With the mentioned funds, the construction of the Krasta Street bicycle road, the construction of the bicycle center “Centrs-Ķengarags-Rumbula-Dārziņi” section from the South Bridge to Ķengaraga Street as well as the reconstruction of Mežrozīšu Street in the section from Stūrmaņu Street to the end of the building at building No.34 are planned.

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