Bibi Blocksberg: Everything as if bewitched! The musical (location: Seebühne) at Landesgartenschau Überlingen 2021

Everyone knows that, there are days when everything just goes wrong! It starts in the morning when you get up on the wrong foot and continues throughout the day. Then it is simply “Everything is bewitched!”. The cheeky little witch Bibi Blocksberg also had one such day: In the morning there is already a huge mess with her parents Barbara and Bernhard Blocksberg at home. And nothing will work out at school either. Bibi’s teacher, Ms. Müller-Riebensehl, really pisses it off! In the evening there is also Walpurgis Night on the Blocksberg. This year Bibi and Barbara Blocksberg are supposed to kindle the big witch fire there together with grandma Grete. But what will Walpurgia, the chairwoman of the Witches Council, say if everything goes wrong there too?

Will the witches of the Blocksberg family manage to ignite the witch’s fire on Walpurgis Night as planned on this bewitched day? The little and big witch fans in the hall are even allowed to help Bibi, her mother and her grandmother, because participation in this family pop musical is urgently required – even in disguise. Little and big witches in costumes are very welcome! And if, with the help of the children and all viewers, everything goes well, Karla Kolumna, the frenzied reporter from Neustadt, will be able to calmly write: Everything WAS as bewitched.

The allocation of seats on the grandstand takes place on site.


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