Between 1500 and 3000 participants in the demonstration “health in struggle” in the center of Brussels

This rally, the only one authorized in the capital this Saturday, demanded more funding for the health sector and more social justice in general. Gathered under a giant “No Profit on Our Lives” banner, health professionals were supported by citizens and other movements from all walks of life. Thus, The School in Struggle, Extinction Rébellion, Youth for Climate, the Poverty Alleviation Network, the culture sector and multiple feminist and LGBTQI + associations have come to support health workers, but also to make their own voices heard. claims.

“We demand a health system accessible to all, rich and poor alike, decent working conditions which would allow us to put people back at the center of concerns”, proclaimed the organizers. “It is totally immoral to make money on people’s health. We are also asking for patents on drugs and vaccines to be lifted.”

Different workers in the health sector have followed one another on stage to testify about their working conditions. Word was also given, among others, to teachers, undocumented migrants, feminist associations and culture. All interspersed with a few musical performances.

The demonstrators then formed a procession which headed, punctuated by the sound of drums and slogans, towards the Gare du Midi where he arrived around 6 p.m., before dissolving shortly after. Despite the presence of some smoke, the event took place in a calm and friendly atmosphere, under discreet police surveillance.

The protest for health is an international movement. Similar gatherings also took place this Saturday, notably in France and Italy, and will be held in other countries such as Canada or the United Kingdom in the coming weeks. Health in Struggle, one of the organizing collectives, does not exclude the holding of a third edition.

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