Best MARVEL Realm of Champions Characters | Animal list

If this is your first time playing MARVEL Realm of Champions, you might think that the upcoming MOBA title will feature your favorite superheroes from the Marvel franchise. Unfortunately, this is not true.

The MARVEL Realm of Champions has seven characters so far and each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. In addition, each character can choose between two specific weapons before the battle in the arena.

Amid the large pool of MORC characters and weapon choices, choosing the perfect character becomes a tedious task, especially if you’re just starting out. So we’re here to help you with our character tier list for MARVEL Realm of Champions.

Before proceeding any further, readers must note that all champions have been ranked from Tier S (the best) to Tier C (the worst).

MARVEL Realm of Champions Tier List – Tier S (The Best Champions)

Hulk (Stulpen) Super Shield (Arc Shield) Hulk (Hammer)

MARVEL Realm of Champions Tierliste – Tier A.

Sorcerer Supreme (Orb) Sturm (Blizzard Wand) Supersoldat (Vibranium Escudo) Sorcerer Supreme (Band) Web Warrior (Web Shooter)

MARVEL Realm of Champions Tierliste – Tier B.

Iron legionnaire (drones) Storm (cyclone mallet) Iron legionnaire (super laser) Black panther (spear)

MARVEL Realm of Champions Tierliste – Tier C.

Black Panther (Claws) Storm (Thunder Staff) Iron Legionnaire (.ton Canon) Web Warriors (Gatling Riflemen)

Note: The champion ranking above is purely subjective and based on the opinion and experience of the creator.

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