Best bags Julio César Chávez won as a boxer

Julio César Chávez is one of the greatest legends of Mexican boxing. In his career he won 107 fights, accumulated 85 victories by knockout and was only defeated 6 times, according to data from Boxrec.

He currently has a net worth of around $ 10 million, according to information on the Celebrity Net Worth site. However, over the years, that number has increased slightly, thanks to his appearances as an analyst and special guest of big matches for different television networks.

What were the best bags of money that Chávez won in his career?

The Mexican had to wait two years as a professional to get his first big bag as a boxer. It was on March 17, 1990, when he won $ 1.4 million to fight Meldrick Taylor whom he beat by technical knockout at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas.

Then 6 more years passed to get a good income from a fight. On that occasion, Oscar De La Hoya was measured for the first time for $ 9 million, a fight in which he was defeated on July 7 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Two years later, Chávez and De La Hoya starred in the long-awaited rematch for fans and boxing lovers, which again ended in defeat for the Mexican, but taking home the sum of $ 6 million.

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After that event, the Mexican continued his career making 10 more fights, leaving a balance of 5 victories. He finally retired on September 17, 2005 with a loss to Grover Wiley at the America West Arena in Phoenix, home of the NBA Suns team.

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