Bergensavisen – Man arrested after basket case


At 0453 on Sunday night, the police received a report of an aggressive person who had beaten several people on Lepsøy in Bjørnafjorden municipality.

Fest and rorbu

– There was someone who went crazy down by the sea on Lepsøy. He was very drunk, says operations manager Knut-Dahl Michelsen at the West police district.

A man (23) has been arrested. According to police, three people must have been injured. There will be talk of broken teeth, possible rib fractures and someone who has broken a foot.

– It is a somewhat unclear course of events. There must have been some arguing and then one exploded.

The 23-year-old is in custody pending questioning.

– The fighting is said to have taken place in connection with a gathering in a fisherman’s cabin, says Øivind Bjørkås, police attorney in the West police district.

Ran off in Fyllingsdalen

Early Sunday morning, several people were reported fighting in Dag Hammarskjold’s road in Fyllingsdalen.

The police moved out, but found no one on the spot when they arrived.

– There was a report of a fight, and one who went bare-chested. We found no one when we got there. No one has contacted and talked to us, or been injured. We have talked to some witnesses, says the operations manager.

Went on cars with a hammer

At 0415, the police were notified of a person who attacked cars with a hammer in Conrad Mohr’s road.

On two cars, all tires were punctured and all windows were broken.

Police have searched the area for the perpetrator without finding any.

However, they found knife and hammer in the area.

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