Benefits for children and families of mobilized people began to operate in the Leningrad region

The families of those mobilized will receive monthly compensation for part of the costs of paying housing and communal services, and their children will receive an extraordinary place in kindergarten and other benefits, recalled the Governor of the Leningrad Region Alexander Drozdenko.

As Alexander Drozdenko reported on November 2 in his Telegram channel, a package of benefits for relatives of military personnel and volunteers taking part in a special operation in Ukraine came into force.

The children of the mobilized are entitled to: an extraordinary place in a kindergarten; advantage in enrolling in technical schools, lyceums and colleges; free meals in schools and institutions of secondary vocational education; 100% payment for vouchers to health camps, as well as 75% payment for kindergarten. Visiting the extended day group is now free of charge for them.

In addition, children of SVO participants will receive an extraordinary right to study in additional general education programs and a place in an extended day group at schools.

If a child studies under the program of secondary vocational education, he will be paid a scholarship of 5,000 rubles. A scholarship of 8,000 rubles is provided for university students.

The families of the mobilized will be provided with preferential travel on regional bus routes, as well as part of the monthly expenses for housing and utilities will be reimbursed.

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