Beluga lost in the Seine: very thin, the cetacean still refuses to eat

Following the beluga’s entry into the lock, the Eure prefecture ordered it to be closed and prohibited navigation there until further notice. However, Lamya Essemlali, president of the NGO Sea Shepherd, fears that this situation represents “a risk of additional stress” for the cetacean. However, she hopes that this new location will facilitate the feeding of the marine mammal. Several operations have been carried out so far, without any success.

“We would like him to eat, but if he does not react positively, it will become complicated”, explained Lamya Essemlali about the animal, followed by drones and which appears very thin on various photos released by the NGO. The president of the organization was also pessimistic about the possible consequences if the cetacean still refuses to feed. “Veterinarians specializing in beluga whales tell us that we must act quickly, his state of thinness being very advanced, and getting him out of the water to provide him with care promises to be very difficult”she shared.

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