Belgorod teachers will be congratulated by Stas Mikhailov and Elena Vaenga — FONAR.TV

On Wednesday, October 5, a gala concert for teachers will be organized in Belgorod. Its headliners will be famous pop stars Stas Mikhailov and Elena Vaenga. On Teacher’s Day, they will congratulate teachers at the Belgorod Arena. Entrance to the concert by invitation cards, which were distributed among teachers.

Stas Mikhailov, photo

“For people who are on the border of our state, for our dear teachers who, despite all the difficulties, do their job with dignity and every day bear a huge responsibility for the peace and safety of our children,” Stas explains his motivation to come to Belgorod on October 5 Mikhailov.

Elena Vaenga also agrees with her stage colleague: “The duty of a true artist is to encourage, inspire optimism and give hope. I think it is important to support the residents who are now on the border of our state.”

Elena Vaenga, photo

Both performers note that the concert is charitable. Its organizers were not publicly reported anywhere.

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