Belgium does without Huawei in the 5G expansion – and relies on Nokia

Huawei subsidiaries in Beijing

The US accuses the company of serving the Chinese state as a vehicle for espionage.

(Photo: AP)

Paris The controversial Chinese network equipment supplier Huawei is missing out on important orders in Belgium. The Belgian subsidiary of the French telecom group Orange like the competitor Proximus are getting the Finnish one for the renewal of their existing telecommunications network and the expansion of the 5G network Nokia on board, as both companies announced on Friday. Huawei announced that it accepted the decisions of the two companies.

The two Belgian companies are among the first in Europe to forego the world market leader from China for future networks. Analysts are of the opinion that more mobile operators are likely to join.

The US is putting pressure on its allies to expel Huawei. They accuse the company of serving the Chinese state as a vehicle for espionage. The People’s Republic as well as Huawei reject this. In Germany, there are currently signs of closer surveillance of Huawei.

“Belgium was 100 percent dependent on Chinese providers and NATO and EU employees made their cell phone calls over these networks,” said Danish telecom consultant John Strand. The Belgian capital Brussels is the seat of important EU organs and is therefore of particular interest from the point of view of the US secret services.

From the skepticism towards the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE In Europe, Nokia and its Swedish competitor in particular benefit Ericsson, which will also play a role in the development of the 5G network in Belgium. Both were able to expand their market shares in the past quarters. Nokia shares gained more than two percent.

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