Belarusian airlines canceled flights to Paris and London

“In connection with the decision of the governments of Britain and France to ban Belavia flights to and from Britain and France, we are forced to cancel flights to London and Paris from May 25 to October 30, 2021,” the company said. “We are outraged by the situation, which we are not able to change. We apologize to the passengers, ”added Belavia.

Even before this announcement, the morning flight of Belarusian airlines from Minsk to Paris was canceled, according to the Russian BBC. The station recalled on its website that the European Union summit adopted a framework decision to close airspace and airports in Europe for Belarusian companies and to recommend that European companies not fly over Belarus.

According to the BBC, Singapore Airlines will also pass Belarus. According to RIA Novosti, planes from China, South Korea, Turkey and Russia are currently flying in the Belarusian sky, and one flight flew from Minsk to Stockholm.

According to the BBC, the Ukrainian government also decided to cancel the air connection with Belarus from Wednesday, as Prime Minister Denys Šmyhal announced. Ukrainian aircraft will be banned not only from flying to Belarus, but also from over Belarus.

Western companies such as Air France, Austrian Airlines and Finnair also stop flying over Belarus. Belarusian airspace will also be avoided by airBaltic, WizzAir did so on Monday and is still evaluating the situation. Lufthansa also avoids him.

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