Behavior problems in dogs (solution)

According to him dog trainer, Borja Capponi, we are used to thinking that these problems are solely and exclusively dog responsibility and that if you suffer from any of them, it is because you are sick or “broken as if it were a robot or an appliance.”

The trainer tells us that most owners call him to solve or “fix” their dog’s problem. And they do so by describing it as a disease in which each symptom is detailed, hoping that Capponi will offer them the magic recipe with guidelines and tricks to cure it without the need for the owners to participate. “A very serious mistake” he tells us.

But how is it solved? Well, next we will talk about what are the most common behavior changes in dogs and how we can prevent them from having them. Take note!

behavior problems in dogs

Dogs can experience a number of behavioral changes that are attributed with:

angry dog

What are behavioral problems in dogs?

These psychological disorders occur, in most cases, because they are spoiled too much. Capponi points to a clear example of an adopted dog feeling insecure and fearful because he has been abandoned and possibly abused.

What happens when we adopt him? It is very common for us to continually think about how badly it must have happened and we show ourselves embarrassed and sad in front of it. This is not good since the dog continuously analyzes our state of mind and even if he does not understand it, he knows at all times how we feel. Recognize if we are sure of ourselves or we are not.

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In the case of the example that Capponi gives us, if the human does not stop looking at him with sorrow and sadness, does not have initiative and determination, does not set limits and does not make decisions, the dog will think that he cannot be the leader of the pack and will assume same charge. This happens because dogs are gregarious animals with a hierarchical mentality, and if the human does not take the initiative, he will assume that role becoming the leader of the pack.

Insecure dog being aggressive

And here the reason for their behavior changes. Once this responsibility is granted, the dog is obliged to take care of the human. The problem is that they don’t know how to do it and therefore their fear and insecurities grow.

As the trainer tells us, in the eyes of the dog, the human will be like a puppy with little determination that the dog has the responsibility to protect. But not being able to do it every time he leaves the house, he will begin to suffer separation anxiety and a breakdown of the natural hierarchical order of dogs.

Other problem that affects their behavior is the fact of offering him everything that we believe he has lacked before: veterinary care, overfeeding, but above all, a lot anthropomorphic love, that is, love without measures, without limits and without control.

Woman hugging her dog

What happens if you give a dog a lot of love?

Many owners will think that giving their dog love and pampering is the right thing to do. But do not abuse! Going overboard with love for our pet can be almost as harmful as mistreating him. It is important to moderate that affection and not overprotect them. We will prevent them from having possessive behavior.

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On the other hand, we must be clear that offering him our love does not mean that we allow him to do everything without good canine education.

Continuing with the example that the trainer argued, when we adopt a dog that has had a bad time, we tend to feel sorry for him every time we look at him and we find ourselves in the need to compensate him and save him with abundant pampering and whims.

This causes the dog to exchange the insecurity it had at first for other behaviors:aggressiveness towards other people and dogs, or separation anxiety every time we leave him alone at home, among others.

The reason? The lack of understanding of the owner towards his dog. According to Capponi, we think that these behaviors are due to the fact that he misses us when we separate and communicates it to us with messages by destroying the house or relieving himself where he shouldn’t. And even, at the moment that they have these behaviors, we ourselves insist with the pity that we feel towards them and multiply the anthropomorphic affection.

Woman petting her dog

How to solve behavior problems in a dog

We usually think that all our care and pampering will make dogs happy, however overprotection itself is dangerous for the health of all animals, so if we abuse we will get the dreaded behavior changes in our pet.

For prevent dog behavior changes We must take into account several aspects:

  • First of all, inform us in detail about everything that having a dog implies before adopting it.
  • Not treating the dog like a human and understand their own psychology.
  • Understand you and be responsible for that our behavior can affect in the dog’s.
  • Be clear that the dog does not think and reasons the same way as humans. We must think about how each action we take really affects him.
  • Avoid unconscious selfishness, that is, think about what is best for the dog and not what is best for us.
  • Have self-control, self-awareness, and knowledge of how does the dog interpret what we feel in each moment.
  • show him that the responsibility is ours. Show ourselves to him as the leader of the pack.
  • Learn to see through his eyes avoiding giving him human qualities.
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Happy dog ​​and owner looking at each other

In short, changes in the behavior of dogs are due to the behavior of humans who do not understand the psychology of dogs and treat them like any other human.

As Capponi argues, the dog lives in the moment, and does not think about the past or the future. He simply adapts to every situation and environment, lives without responsibilities or worries. “It’s all a question of the human being learning to know how to act with that particular dog, that’s why guidelines or tricks don’t work here.”

However, since the psychological processes work in a certain way, the solution must also be adapted to each situation. If you want to make an inquiry, you can contact Borja Capponi from his website.


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