Beginner Tips for Playing Marauders

plunderer is a love letter to just about every good first-person looter shooter on the market. As such, it brings high-octane combat to a myriad of familiar game modes. This includes extraction-type levels where the player infiltrates an enemy spaceship to loot as many resources as possible. 25 minute slot before running out of oxygen.

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As with any online game with multiple targets and objectives, managing time and resources is crucial to defeating your opponents. But to really get the best prizes the Marauders have to offer, you, the budding space pirate, should incorporate the following tips.

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Explore the Rust Bucket and get free gear

Marauder spacecraft flying between asteroids

your default spaceship, rusty bucket, comes with a fair percentage of free items that are useful in raids. Explore every nook and cranny of your newfound home before looting other ships on your pirate expedition. If you’re lucky, You’ll need to acquire numerous consumables, weapons, and extra inventory slots..

the good news is Rust Bucket comes with a free loadout, whereas later ships offer nothing. By default, Ruger P08, 30 rounds of 9mm bulletsand the pouch rig armor. These items are cockpit area, usually on the table or on the ground. If you die and lose the items in your inventory, be sure to return here to collect your supplies.

Infiltrate an enemy ship using an escape pod

Marauders Escape Pod Door

At Marauders you will learn relatively early, escape pod they are your best friends because they can help you Escape the spaceship before it is shot downOf course, this gives you a second chance to take revenge on your attacker. It can also be used to roam the open world and crash into and raid other spaceships.

Unlike rusty bucketis very easy to shoot down, but escape pods can be hard to hit, making them a great mode of transport if you’re trying to adopt a stealth approach. Seek out enemy players that are on board and discreetly board one of them when the opportunity presents itself.

take advantage of asteroids

Marauder spacecraft flying over an asteroid

Raids in the Marauders can get pretty hairy, especially if a round involves a good number of players. You’ll soon find out that you can’t prevent it. To get around this, do yourself a favor and camp behind an asteroidPlay it safe and avoid chaos and you may eventually find a chance to board one of the remaining ships.

Of course, you can always throw yourself in the middle of it and do your best. Hold on until a potential enemy is wounded. When you get the upper hand, beat the heart quickly and straight. Until then, Aim to hug the asteroid until the noise subsides.

Get used to being stuck in Square One

Marauder characters exploring an abandoned hangar

A few bad runs in Marauders can put you in an unhappy position if you’re not careful.And if you happen to be hoarding a ton of loot, you’ll quickly realize that it won’t last forever. Nothing lasts at the Maraudersand its loot is absorbed into the abyss in a matter of seconds.

As disheartening as it is to lose all that you have worked so hard to gain, it is a little comforting to know. The ‘ol Rust Bucket has enough starter gear to restore it to its original condition.Plus, if you need a cash alternative, you can always Sell ​​Starter Gear Above To Offer Over $900 Spend on other useful items.

Upgrade your inventory ASAP

Marauder character guarding the loading bay

Starter bags aren’t the biggest things in the world. Create more bags to carry your lootBut to get started, you need to work on: Earn XP and level up.

Once you reach level 5, you will be able to unlock it. light bag craft recipes.This allows additional 4×5 slotThis recipe is 2 skill pointsWhen $5,250Once you have it, it can also be collapsed, making it easier to store in your inventory. Of course, the idea here is to Create as many light bags as you can carryWhen it comes to looting, you’ll have plenty of space to store your best and crafted items.

Do not hang out during raids

Marauder team raiding the living quarters

While it may be tempting to sprint with your head above the clouds, it’s worth considering the following: raids should not be drawn. worldDon’t take your time for grantedIt’s so straightforward that being late puts you at a disadvantage before you even get your loot.

Marauders’ main goal is to plunder enemies until there are none left, but don’t try to wipe them out completely, especially if you don’t have time or the risks are higher than usual. If you feel something is wrong, Don’t be afraid to take off with what’s in your pocketThe point is that even bite-sized raids can help you move further up the ladder, even if it means getting smaller bursts of XP.

Complete Contracts to Earn Extra Rewards

Marauder character exploring a derelict spaceship deck

Looting other players’ ships is one thing, but to really come out on top in the Marauders you need to take on AgreementPerforming any of these additional objectives will give you even more useful items, recipes, money, and armor.To enter into a contract, simply Contract tab in main menu.

Another perk for completing the contract is Earn points towards factionsAs you progress and discover new factions, you’ll come across traders who can offer you many high-quality items. If you can build a faction with them, you can unlock more equipment and cosmetics, which can also be purchased at a slightly lower price.

the goal here is Establish an alliance network with other factionsIf you can gain a foothold in the available faction market, you will eventually have access to all the tools you need to rule the stars. Complete contracts such as the “Zero to Hero” quest chain,and Active daily contract Post on the right side of the board and enjoy all the benefits.

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