Before the elections: interpersonal criticism among the socialists a week after the unification (chronology) – Bulgaria

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The new coalition partner of the BSP – Georgi Kadiev, leader of the civic platform “Normal State”, made it clear that it is possible to give up the leadership of the list in Stara Zagora. This can be caused by ferment among the party elite in the city. He will meet with him today.

“I will decide for myself what I will do. I do not intend to go into battle and someone to shoot me in the back. I did not stare at the first place, as nothing will go last and I will fight for preferences. I want to hear the arguments, the situation “The BSP in Stara Zagora is not good at all. If I withdraw, I want those who are fighting for first place in all areas to withdraw,” Kadiev told BTV. He explained the struggle for leadership of lists with the declining number of deputies elected.

“I accepted negotiations with Cornelia Ninova because I got tired of the left to fight from all directions. I want to contribute as much as possible to have a good result. I did not set any conditions. I did not set to be a leader in Stara Zagora, I am from Burgas, my wife from Vidin, I live in Sofia, I would be more useful there “, Kadiev explained.

He clarified that he was a critic of the BSP while he was in the party because he wanted to change it. He hasn’t said a word since he’s been a part of it.

Kadiev also commented on one of the current topics in the country – loans granted by the Bulgarian Development Bank. “BDB is a bank of power, it supplies lockers, there is no need for this bank in its current form. We as a society deserve the bankers we have. This is an analogue of the 4-month leave of the chairman of SANS,” Kadiev said. .

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Asked if he thought he was among the potentially wiretapped politicians by the services, which was announced by the co-chairman of “Democratic Bulgaria” Atanas Atanasov, and the Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov confirmed, Kadiev said:

“Now I don’t think, years ago I was wiretapped – in 2016 when I was an MP. I sent a signal to the Bureau for Control of Special Intelligence Means, headed by Boyko Rashkov. He called me, an inspection was made, but both the bureau and I lied, they said. that I am not eavesdropped on. They do not want to destroy you, but to catch you in error and keep you on a leash. “

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