Before the elections: GERB complained to the European Parliament from the caretaker government (chronology) – Bulgaria

Only 36 voters managed to vote by machine within an hour, according to a second experiment by the Central Election Commission in the Sofia village of Dobroslavtsi. For comparison, during the first test voting with machines, held in the building of the National Assembly on May 27, 75 people voted within one hour, ie less than a minute per person.

According to sociologist and CEC spokesman Tsvetozar Tomov, the differences are due to the different profile of voters. The report, which was presented to the committee, shows that people between the ages of 30 and 39 did the fastest – they voted in an average of 49 seconds. Voters aged 60 and over are the slowest, with time being extended to an average of one minute and 36 seconds. As expected, people with lower than secondary education increase the voting time sharply to 2 minutes and 12 seconds, unlike graduates who vote on average for about 1 minute.

The results of the experiment show that nearly 50 percent of the participants in Dobroslavtsi managed to vote in less than 45 seconds. “This pace is really achievable, but for people who have experience with machine voting and are relatively well educated,” Tomov added.

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