Bedburg: shots at Canada goose – animal injured by bolts

Bedburg –

A Canada goose, which was obviously hit in the back by a bolt, was sighted by Benedikt Hillebrandt at the clarification ponds of the former sugar factory on Thursday evening. He was unable to catch the injured animal, reports the Bergheim conservationist and ornithologist, who is a member of the Nature Conservation Union (Nabu).

On Friday, the fire brigade called in by Hillebrandt tried to catch the goose in order to have it treated by a veterinarian. Unlike the other Canada geese on the pond, the goose, which was probably also injured on the wings, did not fly away, but instead fled by swimming to the middle of the water surface, where the emergency services could not reach it due to the pond’s lack of navigability.

Bedburg: The search for goose continues

On Saturday the goose could no longer be seen at the clarification ponds. Conservationist Hillebrandt combed the area with fellow campaigners. The Bedburg nature conservation advisor Rolf Thieman also helped in the search for the injured animal, which was also extended to the banks of the Erft.

“It is hard to believe that people apparently use a crossbow to shoot animals here at the clearing ponds and thereby torment them,” says Hillebrandt. Thiemann is also “pissed off”. Only recently he discovered a kingfisher in the scrub at Peringssee, which had become tangled and strangled in the left behind by a black angler.

“If the goose is found, we will hand the bullet over to the police and file a criminal complaint,” said Thiemann. On 02272/81153 he receives information from witnesses who have observed target practice on the premises and assures the informants of confidentiality.


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