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Béatrice Marin, a 60-year-old Vannetaise, is entering the legislative race in the 4th constituency of Morbihan for the Animal Party. She has two children, Deborah, 22, and Alexandre, 33. The candidate dreams of a world without violence against animals and denounces animal suffering in slaughterhouses.

Lawyer and law teacher at the AFTEC business school, she is at the origin of the Delgado case law (2015) thanks to which all pets are declared “living beings, unique and irreplaceable”.

She very recently created an association, Ensemble2générations Vannes. “I became interested in the animal cause mainly through my daughter Deborah who, from a very young age, has been very aware of animal abuse”. His daughter, vegan, took in cats and dogs from the streets.

Reshaping the economy, justice and education through the animal cause

“I introduce myself, because I think that through the defense of the cause of animals, it directly affects humans. When an animal leaves for the slaughterhouse in appalling conditions, it necessarily releases hormones that are found in the meat we eat. When you defend the animal cause, it has consequences for public health in terms of economy, justice and education. For example, the children in our program will be made aware of vegan food and respect for animals. When you respect animals, you respect humans,” she says.

Béatrice Marin wants to work for families and propose laws, for example, in matters of divorce. “The family court judge should decide on the custody of the animal, in the same way as that of the children, and there should be a mandate for future protection,” she explains. “We should retain at least one member of the National Assembly for the animal cause. Why not me ! “, she concludes.

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