Beach – Summer concerts are postponed, Musette balls, DJ evenings are canceled.

Message from Mr. Daniel Ballester, Mayor of Valras-Plage

Throughout the winter, we have worked to offer you a varied and high-quality summer entertainment program. The coming of the Paris Opera, the first 2 concerts that were offered to you bear witness to this.

Of course, throughout the long weeks where elected officials in charge of animation and technical and administrative teams worked, there was this doubt of the fate of this pandemic which hovered over our decisions. But the month of May has seen an upturn in the midst of the chaos caused by this pandemic for over a year and we all believed in it.

Unfortunately, it is clear that the virus has just taken a new, more contagious form, present in more and more departments in France.

Faced with this situation which unfortunately affects all countries, the President of the Republic, anxious to avoid more drastic decisions in September, took a number of preventive decisions, including the requirement of a health pass, especially for venues welcoming more than 50 people from July 21.

What does not pose a problem for cities with closed outdoor spaces suitable for shows, represents for us an impossibility of control, and gauge.

This is why, anxious to preserve Valrassians and tourists, we have taken the decision to postpone the Saturday concerts to a later date.

Musette balls, DJ evenings are canceled.

The children’s cinema is moved to the Palais de la mer

As regards the other demonstrations and in particular the Renc’Arts de rue, we will try to maintain them if the induced gatherings do not turn out to contravene the enacted rule.

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Believe that it is with great regret that we give up for the second time to offer you the joy of these shows that you have all been waiting for.

But we want to be strictly in accordance with the sanitary rules, the stakes are too high, I know you will understand our decision.

However, I wish you a beautiful summer and above all remain careful, wear the mask whenever you are in important gathering areas and finally, finally, that those who have not yet been vaccinated make an appointment to be protected, to protect the people. others and allow to arrive at a collective immunity that we all call for to put an end to this sad global episode.

In this sense, I would like here to thank the liberal nurses of Valras-Plage who have decided to mobilize to vaccinate. They will therefore be every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Guy Combes space, available without an appointment.

Take this chance!

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