“Baywatch”: What is Pamela Anderson’s predecessor Erika Eleniak doing today?


In the role of Shauni McClain, Erika Eleniak thrilled numerous fans in the cult series “Baywatch”.

From 1989 onwards, the actress played a leading role in the lifeguard series.

Her serial friend, actor Billy Warlock, also becomes her partner in real life.

After separating from her co-star, Eleniak leaves the series in 1992.

And so makes room for a “Baywatch” new entry: Pamela Anderson.

After her “Baywatch” off, Eleniak achieved another success in 1992.

In addition to Steven Segal, she starred in the action film “Alarm level: Red”.

She cannot follow the success of “Baywatch” and “Alert Level: Red” in her following projects.

Despite numerous TV and independent productions, she is denied another hit.

In 2009 she appeared as a coach in the German casting show “Germanys Next Top Model”. The occasion: a “Baywatch” shoot.

Apparently Erika Eleniak still has not had enough of the cult series even decades after she left the company.

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