Bayreuth: The animal was already panting – the police freed the dog from the hot car and accidentally found drugs

A man from Gera left his dog in the car in Bayreuth on Thursday (08/04/2022) in the blazing sun. The completely overheated animal finally had to be freed by the police. But there was another surprise waiting for the officers in the car.

On Thursday, officers from the Bayreuth City Police Inspectorate were called to Bürgerreuther Strasse. Passers-by noticed a dog locked in a car in the blazing sun. The picture was confirmed by the police officers – the four-legged friend was already panting and only had a water bowl in front of him in the vehicle.

You don’t just forget a dog in the car – the police make a surprise find

Officers had no choice but to smash a window in the vehicle. They were able to free the dog from its life-threatening situation. The animal was cared for in the shade by a police dog handler who had been specially called to the scene. Fortunately, the dog recovered relatively quickly from the hardships.

When the police officers in the car were looking for possible contact details for the dog owner, it quickly became apparent that he had not only left his dog in the car, but also a small amount of marijuana.

A short time later, a 46-year-old man from Gera, who was the owner of the car, appeared. He stated that about 45 minutes earlier he had driven the vehicle to Bürgerreuther Strasse and parked it there. A voluntary drug test was then positive for the substance THC, which is banned on the road. The man then had to have blood drawn. The careless dog owner now has to answer not only for animal cruelty, but also for violating the Narcotics Act.

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