Barenboim is here for the third time! “Vienna New Year’s Concert 2022” –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

The splendid waltz and polka of the Vienna Philharmonic will live a new year.
New Year Concert 2022
Daniel Barenboim (Conductor) Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra


The Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s Concert is held on January 1st every year. A big event that is broadcast to more than 90 countries around the world via TV and radio from Vienna’s golden Musikvereinzar, which is the most famous of classical music, and is watched by 50 million people. Beginning in 1939 and boasting a history of more than 75 years, the Strauss family’s waltz and polka, which symbolize the city of music, are performed, and the expensive tickets are said to be the most difficult to obtain in the world.

In 2022, Daniel Barenboim, who is now most closely associated with the Vienna Philharmonic, will appear for the first time in eight years since 2009/2014. Barenboim was also the first conductor of the Vienna Philharmonic, who was forced to pause due to the Corona sword. It could be a gift from the Vienna Philharmonic to the 80-year-old master this year.

In addition to the classic “Beautiful Blue Danube” and “Radetzky March”, the performances are composed of various works that incorporate themes such as various 2021 anniversaries, and are full of freshness.
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[Scheduled song]
Part 1
1. 1. Phoenix March Op. 105 ★ (Josef Strauss)
2. Waltz “Flap of Phoenix” Op. 125 (Johann Strauss II)
3. 3. Polka Mazurka “Sea Spirit Siren” Op. 248 ★ (Josef Strauss)
Four. Gallop “Small Advertisement” Op. 4 (Joseph Hellmesberger)
Five. Waltz “Morning Edition” Op. 279 (Johann Strauss II)
6.Polka Schnell “A Little Record” Op. 128 ★ (Eduard Strauss) Part 2
7. 7. Operatta “Die Fledermaus” Overture (Johann Strauss II)
8. Musical Joke “Champagne Polka” Op. 211 (Johann Strauss II)
9. Waltz “Night Play” Op. 466 ★ (Carl Michael Ziehrer)
Ten. Persian March Op. 289 (Johann Strauss II)
11. 11. Waltz “One Thousand and One Nights” Op. 346 (Johann Strauss II)
12. Polka Francaise “Greetings to Prague” Op. 144
(Eduard Strauss)
13. Character piece “House Spirit” ★ (Joseph Hellmesberger)
14. Polka Francaise “Nymph’s Polka” Op. 50 ★
(Josef Strauss)
15. 15. Waltz “Music of the Celestial Body” Op. 235 (Josef Strauss)
Scheduled to record other encore songs

* Published by The Johann Strauss Society of Japan
“List of Johann Strauss II Works” (2006),
Follows Josef Strauss Catalog of Works (2019).

★ New Year’s Concert first performance work

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Daniel Barenboim

[Recording]Live recording at Musikvereinzar, Vienna, January 1, 2022



CD2 pieces set



The vivid images and sounds give you the luxury of enjoying the feast of music in the golden hall of the Wiener Musikverein, which is beautifully decorated with many flowers. Bonus video will be recorded.
Recording layer: Single
Screen size: 16: 9
Audio 1: LPCM Stereo
Region code: A, B, C
Image: Color


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