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Patients and workers
positive were in different units, so Health considers that this is not a
major outbreak, “but given the increase in incidence and separation of cases, we have decided to act with more intensity.” So family visits to the center have been restricted
Isabel Roig from Barcelona throughout the building for 14 days.

Sources of
PSC indicate that up to now the mayor has also requested the precautionary suspension of
party membership until it is clear what happened.

This group, although not engaged in the direct cultivation of
way, offered their companies to do
international drug shipments of
Barcelona: hid the
marijuana between a shipment of fruit and hired a land transport company to make the shipment to a European city, with the aim of making it difficult to locate.

In a statement this Thursday, the Catalan police have detailed that the investigation dates back to October 2019, when it was learned that the French police had intercepted a truck belonging to a transport company in
Lleida carrying 137.45 kilograms of
marijuana hidden among the merchandise.

Temperatures in
Barcelona they will continue to be very high, with maximums that will reach 30 ° C and tropical minimums throughout Catalonia. The weather could change a bit on Friday, with more clouds and a few showers.

From this space we will transfer the
last News linked to
Barcelona, from the
municipal policy until
culture, he
sport and the

We will also closely monitor the epidemiological situation of
Catalonia regarding the crisis of
coronavirus, which has generated concern about the increase in

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