Balma. Concert: Marghe conquered the Odyssey

The emotion was palpable on Saturday night at the Odyssey, while the chorus of the song “Tous les cris les SOS” resounded. On stage, at the resumption of the title of Daniel Balavoine: Marghe, winner of The Voice 2021 (TF1), and the members of Atelier Sonore, a vocal and scenic factory in Balman. Great musical moment when Jessie Brenac-Litzinger, choir director of the Atelier Sonore, and Marghe sang the verses. Also, the 15 voices of the Balman choir accompanied the show on two songs. Besides this moment of grace, the concert also celebrated the advent of the Mada group. A delight. David on the keyboard, Jérôme on the drums and Marghe on the microphone, even on the guitar, quickly exhibited their delicious identity: a clever mix of original songs, Malagasy music, soul and rhythm and blues covers, or even excerpts from French and international pop. An artistic signature of its own, enough to delight all generations of audiences who filled the stands of the Odyssey.

The concert was given for the benefit of the local association ABC Muco, which supports patients and families affected by cystic fibrosis.

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