“Bali” -inspired rooftop BBQ beer garden at Hyatt Regency Osaka, such as exciting grilled beef-[E ・ Recipe]Simple recipes made by cooking professionals[1/3ページ]

The rooftop beer garden event “Bayside BBQ Beer Garden” will be held at Hyatt Regency Osaka 9F Roof Garden “Pergola”. The period is from July 2nd (Friday) to September 26th (Sunday), 2021.Enjoy the BBQ beer garden on the roof of the hotel
“Bayside BBQ Beer Garden” is a popular beer garden event held every summer at Hyatt Regency Osaka. While spending time at the roof garden restaurant “Pergola” as if you were at a paradise resort, you can enjoy the meat and seafood grilled in front of you in a buffet style. Free flow is included in the plan, and you can drink not only beer but also wine and cocktails. The theme for 2021 is “Bali”. The theme for 2021 is “Escape to Bali”. While you are in Osaka, you can enjoy the authentic taste made with the recipe of the local chef of the Hyatt Group in Bali, and you can also enjoy traditional Balinese dance every Friday, Saturday, Obon, and Silver Week. You can feel like you are traveling to Bali. At the main BBQ corner, the chef grills beef grilled Bali style sauce, chicken skewers “Sate Ayam”, etc. in front of the guests.


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