Bali Doesn’t Use GeNose Anymore Because Test Results Are Often Different From Other Tools


The Provincial Government (Pemprov) of Bali removed the GeNose test results as a condition for entering the trip to the Island of the Gods. GeNose was abolished both through airports and ports because the test results could be different from other COVID-19 test kits.

“This is again based on the reality of the field, yes, there are facts where after checking using GeNose, they arescreening using GeNose, for example, the results are non-reactive, but in-screening use other reactive instruments or vice versa,” said the Daily Chair of the Bali Province COVID-19 Handling Task Force Dewa Made Indra at the Bali Governor’s office, Wednesday (30/6/2021).

However, Lord Indra insists that there is no intention to demean the instrument screening use GeNose. Moreover, globally, the standard for determining whether a person is positive for COVID-19 or not is a PCR-based swab.

“Therefore golden standardand coincidentally in Bali it is currently on the rise, so for stronger control, we use golden standard. Don’t make the GeNose issue like this, that’s not the point. We use golden standard in order to strengthen COVID-19 in Bali because the COVID-19 is on the rise,” said Dewa Indra.

Later, if the COVID-19 case on the Island of the Gods can be suppressed and is getting more sloping, it will use other COVID-19 detection instruments or tools. Moreover, some time ago they also had time to use rapid test antibodies, then antigens and GeNose.

Previously, the Bali Provincial Government now required domestic travelers (PPDN) who entered the Island of the Gods by air using a PCR test. The requirement to use the GeNose test was also removed.

“So we are tightening the entrance to Bali (or) the requirements for entering Bali via air transportation must use a test swab PCR based. You can’t use GeNose anymore,” said Bali Governor Wayan Koster at the Bali DPRD building, Monday (28/6).

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Meanwhile, PPDN through land/sea routes must use a minimum rapid test antigens. Koster hopes that those who pass this route can also use the PCR test because the results are better. Tests for GeNose on land/sea routes are also deprecated.

Koster said the policy was issued because he saw the increasing number of COVID-19 cases outside Bali. In Jakarta, said Koster, yesterday the figure reached 9,900 a day and the national total reached 21,000 cases.

“So today I am issuing a new circular (requirements for entry to Bali) in accordance with the direction of the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs, the Minister of Health, and also the Minister of Transportation so that Bali, which is already good, should not be damaged again,” he said.

Watch the video ‘Covid-19 Vaccine Travel Rate Range to Bali’:

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