Baked fish recipe with vegetables

When we think of preparing healthy recipes at home that provide us with different nutrients and that are easy to prepare, the truth is that our minds go blank and we cannot come up with ideas. So, so that this does not happen, we are going to show you a recipe that brings together a variety of flavors, contribution of nutrients and that, in addition, is easy to make.

For this we have selected two main foods: fish and vegetables. Fish is a staple in the food pyramid in the Mediterranean diet and we must introduce it into our diet on a regular basis. Vegetables, meanwhile, must be present in our day to day for their contribution of vitamins and minerals. Remember that the WHO recommends at least 3 pieces of fruits or vegetables a day.

We are going to see what materials and accessories you need to make this recipe, the ingredients you must gather and how to make it step by step to make it perfect.

Materials and accessories

To prepare this recipe for baked fish with vegetables we will need different materials and accessories, such as:


We are going to need an oven to be able to bake the recipe. The oven should offer enough space to fit a large tray to hold fish and vegetables for all members of the family. It is best to use modern self-cleaning ovens, since it will avoid having to clean it later, saving time and effort that this implies.

Baking tray

In the baking tray we are going to introduce all the ingredients of the recipe and in it the food will be cooked. We will need a tray deep enough so that the vegetables and fish do not overflow and with a medium to large size to cook the recipe for the whole family. The ideal are glass trays, which are very practical and can be cleaned very easily, where food does not usually stick with the heat.

Oven mitts

In the process of preparing this recipe we will need to extract and place the tray in the oven on different occasions. To avoid burns and that the tray falls to the ground, it is essential to use oven gloves with which to protect our hands and hold the tray properly. You don’t need special gloves, just the old oven gloves.

Knife set

To make this recipe we are going to need knives. On the one hand, a knife to cut the vegetables. Remember that you will also need a wooden board on which to make the cuts safely. And, on the other hand, a special knife to clean fish. Although the latter may not be necessary if you ask your trusted fishmonger to leave the fish clean and ready to cook in the oven.

Mortar and pestle

This recipe for baked fish with vegetables includes the preparation of a crust with which we are going to impregnate the surface of the sole during baking. For the preparation of this crust or cream we will need a mortar with a pestle to carry out the process of mashing the mixture and create a uniform crust that helps us give that touch of such special flavor.

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What fish to use?

To prepare this baked fish recipe we are going to use a fish such as sole. It is a fish known as “right-handed”, since the right part of the animal is what seems to be the dorsal area of ​​the animal. It is a fish with a dark brown and white color in the lower area.

The price of sole is variable depending on the time of year and how the catches evolve, but on average we can find it at about 16 euros per kilo. There are fish similar to sole, such as heartburn, roosters or lilies that we can use in case of not finding sole, although they are less exquisite at the culinary level.

It is also very popular to use hake as the main ingredient in these types of recipes, although we undoubtedly opted for sole because it is a tastier fish and it gives us a very interesting touch of sophistication. It is the perfect fish to make a yummy recipe.


To prepare this recipe for baked sole with vegetables, we will need to gather the following ingredients:

  • 1 sole of approximately ½ kilo
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 onions
  • Several cloves of garlic
  • ½ dozen tomatoes
  • 1 small zucchini
  • White wine for cooking (about half a glass)
  • Extra virgin olive oil (50 ml)
  • Shall
  • Freshly ground black pepper

To make the scab we need the following:

  • A handful of fresh parsley, finely chopped
  • Breadcrumbs (1 tablespoon)
  • Shall
  • it

Step by step recipe

To prepare the sole in the oven, we will follow the following step-by-step process:

Paso 1

In this first step we are going to take care of washing some of the vegetables that we are going to use in the preparation of the recipe, such as tomatoes, red pepper or zucchini. We are not going to remove the skin from these three vegetables to prevent them from losing part of their flavor and properties. You can remove the skin from tomatoes after baking if you don’t like how they turn out.

We take the knife and the cutting board and cut the zucchini and tomatoes into quarters. We are going to cut the red pepper into slices and we are not going to chop the garlic cloves, we are going to introduce them whole and we will collect them at the end of baking to make the crust.

Paso 2

Now we are going to proceed to peel the carrots and onions. We are going to cut the onions in julienne (slices), while the carrots we are going to cut into thin slices. We put the vegetables aside and move on to the next step.

Paso 3

Once we have cut and prepared all the vegetables, we are going to start preparing the tray for the oven. To do this, we select the tray that we are going to use and spread it with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, freshly ground black pepper and salt. In this way we guarantee that the vegetables do not stick to the bottom and that they take on all the aroma of the pepper.


Paso 4

Next, we pour all the vegetables onto the baking sheet and spread them evenly over the surface to create a well-spread bed of vegetables. Once the vegetables are added to the tray, we are going to add a good jet of olive oil on its surface and we are going to stir them so that they are well impregnated with oil and everything is well mixed. Next we are going to pour the half glass of white wine to cook.

Paso 5

In this step we are going to start preparing the oven for baking. To do this, we program it at 200º for 10 minutes so that it preheats. After preheating, we are going to introduce the source with the vegetables and we are going to bake them for an hour at 170 degrees. To promote baking, we are going to open the oven every 20 minutes to stir them.

Paso 6

In this step we are going to prepare the crust of the fish that we are going to use to give it a touch of very special flavor. Once the vegetables are baked, we are going to remove the garlic cloves from the tray to create the crust. We are going to need a mortar, in which we are going to add the garlic cloves, the tablespoon of breadcrumbs, the fresh parsley that we have previously chopped and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. We also add a pinch of salt and proceed to mash the mixture until it becomes a more or less uniform paste.

Paso 7

We already have the vegetables baked and the crust prepared, so the next step is to cook the sole. If your trusted fishmonger has already prepared the sole for you, you just have to cut the sole into fillets or portions according to your needs and the number of diners. Once the sole is cut, we are going to add a pinch of salt and place it on top of the vegetables in the source. We put the tray back in the oven and bake for about 3 minutes at 180 degrees with temperature up and down and with air.

Paso 8

After this first bake of the fish, we are going to gratinate another 2 minutes after having spread the pasta that we have mashed with garlic, parsley and breadcrumbs on the different portions of sole. We put the tray in the oven and wait for the gratin to finish with a soft toasted color that will indicate that it is ready to be removed.

Paso 9

Once the cooking process is finished, we are going to remove the pan from the oven and immediately serve it on the plates so that it preserves the temperature and the flavor intact. In each plate we are going to put a base of vegetables and two or three portions of sole, depending on the number of diners. We can decorate each plate with a little chopped parsley and with a little of the broth that has remained on the tray and that preserves the flavor of the vegetables. And voila, we have finished our recipe in a simple and fast way and with a delicious result.

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Some tips for this recipe

For this recipe to be perfect and nothing fails during the preparation process, it is essential to follow a series of tips that can be of great help, such as the following:

Ready-to-cook sole

To prepare this recipe it is necessary that the sole is clean and ready to cook. If you do not know how to clean the fish, it is best to ask your trusted fishmonger, otherwise if you try it yourself without previous experience you can destroy the piece and leave it unusable for cooking.

Horno pirolítico

The ideal way to bake fish is to use a pyrolytic oven that has the ability to clean itself. In this way we are going to avoid that the smell of the fish remains impregnated by the internal surface of the oven and we have to clean it thoroughly after cooking. These types of ovens save us time and effort and are the best option for cooking at home frequently.

Be careful with the baking point

Sole is a fish that bakes quickly if the oven is at the right temperature. If it is the first time you cook it, you can make the mistake of leaving it in the oven for longer than necessary, which causes the fish to lose its juicy texture and dry out. It is important to follow the instructions in the recipe and check how the fish cooks in a few minutes.

Scab is optional

In this baked fish recipe we have included the preparation of a crust with which we have impregnated the surface of the fish so that it can be gratinated in the oven. This is a recommendation because it gives a very interesting touch of flavor to the sole, but if you prefer to cook the sole naturally and accompany it with the vegetables without the crust, you can also do it normally.

In summary…

You already know the materials and accessories you need to make this delicious and simple baked fish recipe. Once you gather all the materials, you just have to go to the market to buy your sole at the fishmonger and the vegetables that we are going to use as a garnish for this recipe.

And once you are at home you just have to follow step by step the instructions that we have given to prepare the recipe, as well as the rest of the tips so that the result is exceptional and that the whole family is left with an excellent taste in your mouth.

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