Bad Ischl beckons with variety in summer


First-class artistry, aesthetic aerial acrobatics, inspiring soap bubble art, high-quality juggling, fairytale stilt art, fantastic sand painting art, breathtaking balance and comedy: Bad Ischl offers variety art at the highest level this summer. On four evenings in the first week of August, international staging artists will transform the congress and theater house into a magical circus arena.

The audience can look forward to curious evenings: The Russian steel cube performance artist Aleko will demonstrate his skills as well as the Zebra Stelzentheater Mnchen, the Polish soap bubble artist Belowski, the Leipzig vertical rope artist Linda Sanders and the sand painter Frauke Menger from Bavaria.

The spectacle will be presented by Dirk Denzer, who has been inspiring people around the world with human art for more than 30 years. The fact that he was brought to Bad Ischl is thanks to the financial support of the well-known Ischler tourism companies.

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