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Despite the riots and disorders that occurred on the outskirts of the El Campín Stadium in Bogotá on Sunday nightby people who wanted to enter the place violently and without a ticket, the attendees to the Bad Bunny concert they said that the artist had shown off.

The disorganization outside the stadiums, in the moments prior to the concerts in Medellín and Bogotá, it was because a lot people bought fake tickets and bracelets through reseller networks. Both the organizers and TuBoleta have been emphatic in warning about the importance of buying tickets at authorized points.

The organizers of the event told EL TIEMPO this Monday that “thousands of people tried to sneak in with fake bracelets very similar to the real ones”, but the event was organized and all those false bracelets were seized.

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EL TIEMPO was able to corroborate that except for some delays in the night’s programming, due to delays in setting up the stage, there were more positive events from Bad Bunny’s presentation in Bogotá.

“The singer earns what he’s worth,” one of the attendees told this newspaper, who highlighted the impressive stage proposal of the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer, with a combination of robotic lights, fireworks and an “impeccable” sound.

Bad Bunny flies over the audience during the show.


Andrea Moreno/ EL TIEMPO

But in addition, the attendees applauded Bunny’s charisma, who not only sang all the songs from her latest album and many more from her extensive repertoire, but also gave herself to her audience. “I was impressed with how appreciative he was of the public. All the time she repeated phrases like ‘I’m here for you’, ‘this party is yours’. Always reflecting that loving wave and as if inviting everyone to ‘have a good time’”, one of the attendees commented to this newspaper, who highlighted the public’s connection with the artist until the end of the show.

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One of the most emotional moments of the show was when the singer rides on a palm tree and flies in a circle around the entire stadiumin a generous act that all his audience could see and enjoy up close for a few minutes.

“When I arrived I thought of all those people in the back who really saw the stage from far away. That is why when he flies in that palm tree throughout the stadium, I was very happy to know that those behind him could see him”, noted one of those attending the show in Bogotá.

Likewise, he highlighted that the closing of the concert was also charged with a singular energy, when Bunny sang the song ‘Puerto Rico is a bastard’, which reflects the protests and marches of discontent that have appeared in recent months on their home island. “Suddenly a download of boricua music with spectacular drums is heard and some unforgettable closing fireworks explode,” the attendees commented.

In the case of the Medellín presentations, there was a good balance of the authorities in the development of the event. No injured persons or public order problems derived from the concerts were registered. There was only a small number of people led by the Metropolitan Police. In addition, hotel occupancy of more than 90 percent stands out.

The fireworks at various points in Bunny’s show also stole the public’s attention.


Andrea Moreno/ EL TIEMPO

Moles and reviews

And although the concerts in Medellín began on time, as scheduled, as EL TIEMPO was able to verify in that city, the one in Bogotá began with a great delay.

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The opening act for Bunny, who was the guest DJ Agudelo, took the stage with a long delay, after 9 pm. “He went out to play in front of all the logistics, while behind them they were still setting up the scenery,” commented an attendee.

The scenery of Bunny’s artistic proposal consists of a large digital display, accompanied by some palm trees that go on stage. Among them, the one that allows the artist to fly throughout the stadium. Attendees witnessed how they were still mounting those palm trees, despite the fact that the DJ had already started playing. This caused Bad Bunny’s departure to be delayed until after 11 pm.

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The press in Bogotá also complained about the place where they were located. Not only because of the distance from the stage, but, as one of the attending photographers comments, because the organizers did not think that when the public stopped to dance, they were left without the possibility of taking photos. “I suffered a lot trying to take the photos because the public covered me,” said one of the photographers.

On this point, the organizers of the event commented that the press was located in the “second best box” and had handles that allowed them to move wherever they needed. “The issue of controlling that people stand on the chairs is very difficult, because even the press did it,” the organizers explained.

In Medellín, there were also attendees who told this newspaper that they had problems entering the stadium, even with tickets purchased directly at TuBoleta. There was a case of a person who was told that someone else had already entered with their QR code hours ago.

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