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Has been alive for a few weeks “My love“in the garden of the Oesterhoffs. The calf was sick and had a bad cough. Now it is drinking again, is curious and romping around in the garden.

So did Bella, Paula and Emma. You also came to Bad Berleburg as calves almost two years ago. The mother cow died after giving birth. The trained photographer packed the animals in the trunk of her car and took them to an improvised stable.

She also managed to nurse these animals. The trio will keep them and form a herd with the cows. That has always been her dream: to have a herd of cows.

Saving animals is a task

Melanie Oesterhoff brought birds and cats home with her as a small child and took care of them lovingly. Later it became raccoons, fawns, sheep and cats.

She says: “Animals come to me by themselves” and is proud that she has been able to give a new life to almost all baby animals so far. However, your animal hobby is not exactly cheap.

In January alone, she spent more than eight hundred euros on animal feed and the veterinarian.

Official Päppelstelle

Her great wish is to be recognized as an official “Päppelstelle” this year. And it looks pretty good: the region’s hunters and a veterinarian have already given the go-ahead. The district has yet to decide.

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