Baby removes mask from doctor who helped bring him into the world


The photograph of a newly arrived baby in the world who seems to be taking the mask
the doctor who assisted in the delivery of his mother has viral
. The image comes from the United Arab Emirates and is a reflection of what many want: to show the face again freely and without fear.

One of the protagonists is the doctor Samer Cheaib
, who could not hide a smile when he saw that this little one, with few minutes on this earth, was already doing mischief.

“We all want a sign that we are going to be able to remove the mask soon,” the doctor wrote next to the photograph he published on his social networks and which has received more than 50 thousand hearts.

The mask has become a symbol of the fight against the pandemic of the coronavirus
, which has killed more than a million people around the world. Wearing a mask can be uncomfortable, but it is a reasonable price in exchange for taking care of your own life and the lives of others.

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