Baby Rape in Ocala, Florida: Foster Parent Abuse Filmed! Boy (14) violates infant

October 18, 2020, 1:03 p.m.

A 14-year-old raped a baby. (Symbol photo) Image: AdobeStock / deryart

Nursing home scandal: In Florida, a 14-year-old boy raped a baby for minutes. The bad: his foster parents filmed the crime. The boy has now been sentenced.

It’s angry and just amazing what is said to have happened at a home inOcala, Florida. A 14-year-old boy raped a three-week-old baby in 2019. The bad thing about it: The foster parents also filmed the horrible act. The “Daily Star” reported on it.

Child Sexual Abuse Recorded in Ocala, Florida: Boy (12) rapes baby

An investigation by the Florida Department of Children and Families found the boy molested the infant in March 2019, USA Today reports. The youth was charged and convicted. Because he is still a minor, his sentence will not be published.

At the time, the boy was living with the “Klein” family, in their nursing home. They installed cameras in the baby’s room. The footage shows the 14-year-old sexually abusing the infant for 20 minutes. Stacie Schmerling, an attorney for Justice for Kids in Fort Lauderdale, is now suing the authorities who manage the nursing home. She said, “This tragedy should never have happened. The family should never have been licensed to care for these vulnerable, non-verbal children.” Because the foster parents should have known that the boy had already abused other children.

Authorities sued for child sexual abuse

Kids Central, the nonprofit that provides child welfare in the area, allegedly failed to obtain psychological assessments for the teenager. The authorities did not pay attention to the adolescent’s psychological problems either and simply sent children at risk to the little house.

Adolescent raped by mother as a child

According to the complaint, the Kleins took care of the juvenile sex offender in 2011. Two years later he raped a five-year-old girl. Years later, the convicted rapist’s older brother was talking about things he (brother) would do. Maybe he was already talking about the abuse, but nobody intervened. The youth himself became a victim of sexual abuse, the court said. His mother is said to have shown him pornographic content and also offended him.

The abuse is likely to leave a lasting mark on the baby, Thomas Dikel, a pediatric neuropsychologist from Gainesville, told USA Today. “Although the girl was very young and may not remember all of the incident,” the effects will definitely be there, “says Dikel.

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