Baby buys a Tesla package of 200 thousand pesos for his mother

It is very common to hear people say that a baby “came out really smart” because when they lent him a cell phone, he started playing or moving the apps that came on the device. Well, now they can be thankful that none of them has come out as smart as the one who he made his mother spend 200 thousand pesos on a Tesla package.

It is not a joke. A 10-month-old boy caused his parents to pay more than 10,500 dollars (about 208,000 Mexican pesos) after, in a moment of carelessness, He took his mother’s tablet and asked for a luxury package for a car from the American company created by Elon Musk.

No kidding: Baby buys 200 thousand pesos Tesla package for his mother

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A baby bought a package of Testa that costs more than 200 thousand dollars

It was through a series of videos that they posted on their TikTok account, where the parents of the innocent creature told how they ended up in debt to Tesla. And it is that the boy took his mother’s tablet and began to press all the buttons, with which he bought an upgrade package for ‘autonomous driving’ for a top-of-the-line Tesla car.

Baby’s mommy has a Tesla car, so on his device he had the application of said company in which he had linked his credit card. By making the purchase through the woman’s profile, Tesla did not take the move as something strange and accepted it. When the baby’s parents found out, it was too late.


Well our son decided we needed the self driving package we debated on before 🥲😬💀 #tesla #teslaworld #ohno #foryou #fyp

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The parents wanted to cancel the order, but it was too late

Elon Musk’s company can cancel purchases when they are reported in the first 48 hours. The boy’s parents realized what happened days later and when noticing a large charge of money that was deducted from the credit card in question. And well, they had no choice but to accept a remodel to their car.

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Even if in social networks they have shown the ‘little joke’ on the part of their baby, many users consider that it was all the parents ‘fault for not paying more attention to the child who did not get scold (name’ imagine if one had done it) and who will surely be the topic of conversation in their family for what remains of existence.


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