[Ayaka Hirahara Jupiter Fund Presents Makoto Hirahara 50th Anniversary Memorial Concert]

Mainly on the songs recorded in “Makoto Hirahara 50th Anniversary Memorial Album ~The MAX~” released on Wednesday, March 1, with Makoto Hirahara’s sound source, Masashi Sada and Akira Miyagawa as guests. With Makoto Hirahara’s eldest daughter AIKA and second daughter Ayaka Hirahara recounting their memories, the tickets were sold out, and a repeat performance was desired.

At 18:00 when the performance started, in time with the first song “Pray to the Moon”, a video of Makoto Hirahara before his death was projected on the stage to decorate the opening, AIKA, Ayaka Hirahara, and guest Akira Miyagawa appeared. After performing the second song “Georgia On My Mind”, Ayaka Hirahara called “ladies and gentlemen Makoto Hirahara!” .

And after Ayaka Hirahara sang the third song “Aries no Hoshi”, Makoto Hirahara told the fans that she definitely wanted to do a 50th anniversary concert during her MC. So please celebrate in a big way!”, and the venue was filled with excitement.

And when I introduced Akira Miyagawa, the author of “Aries no Hoshi” and a guest, Miyagawa said, “I really want to thank the Hirahara family for giving me this opportunity.” I want to enjoy loneliness.”

After the 4th song “Ai wa Ima mo Hikari”, Ayaka Hirahara once left the stage.

The 5th song “Moon Tears ~Prayer~” was performed by Miyagawa on piano along with Makoto Hirahara’s sound source, and the unit “Akira-san to Makoto-kun”, which had formed during his lifetime, performed again. After that, when Miyagawa left the stage, AIKA reappeared with a saxophone and played the 6th song “Under The Oak Tree”. I get depressed when I look at the photos, but I can’t help it. Go forward. ”, and then sang “Playhouse,” which AIKA wrote and composed 10 years ago and asked Makoto Hirahara to play for the recording.

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After that, she said, “When I hear the sound of the saxophone on the TV, it’s the sound of my dad, and I still can’t believe that my dad isn’t here.” I sang “daddy”.

After that, he changed the microphone to the saxophone for the 9th song “Heart”, then Ayaka Hirahara, and after playing the 10th song “Manhattan Moon”, he welcomed Masashi Sada to the stage and talked with Ayaka Hirahara. It’s our 50th anniversary, we were active during the same time, and we grew up together in Nagasaki when we were boys.”

“I think what’s great about music is that it’s music because it’s the sound people make. Makocchan’s saxophone won’t die at all even if it’s reproduced here now. That’s why I think it’s wonderful. Because we can meet anytime.” He performed two songs, “Ame no Yoru to Lonely Afternoon” and “Himawari” with Ayaka Hirahara. After that, once Hirahara left the stage, Sada said, “From Mako-chan to Ayaka-chan and AIKA-chan, the baton will pass, and the soul of one piece of music will be handed over to someone without dying out. , I think this is a very nice chain.” Sada’s guest corner ended with singing “Reason for life”.

After seeing Sada off the stage, Ayaka Hirahara performed “Night In Tunisia” with vocals and voice percussion. She then sang “Feels Like Home”.

Both of these two songs were projected on the stage by Makoto Hirahara, a video of the performance of Tokyo JAZZ online distribution, which was held in the 2020 corona wreck, and said, “Actually, at this time, I will definitely blow physically and physically. I wasn’t there, but my father told me to play this phrase,” he said of the episode.

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Afterwards, she said, “Being able to hold this concert, I realized that my father is loved by many people. While thinking that I have to work hard from now on, I have too many things to think about. I was so busy, but I am truly grateful to the fans, family, staff, musicians, and special guests who have supported me.”

After that, with “Memories Of You” in the background, slides were projected on the stage and became the climax of the day.

[Title]Ayaka Hirahara Jupiter Fund Presents Makoto Hirahara 50th Anniversary Memorial Concert
[Appearance]AIKA, Ayaka Hirahara Special guests: Masashi Sada, Akira Miyagawa
[Date and time]March 5, 2023 (Sunday) 18:00 start (17:15 opening)
[Venue]Tokyo International Forum Hall C (Tokyo)
Attendance: about 1500 people
Number of songs performed: 17 songs

M1 Pray to the Moon S.Sax.Makoto Hirahara
2 Georgia On My Mind Vo.Ayaka Hirahara, AIKA Pf.Akira Miyagawa A.Sax.Makoto Hirahara
3 Aries no Hoshi Vo.Ayaka Hirahara Pf.Akira Miyagawa S.Sax.Makoto Hirahara
4 Love is still light Vo.Ayaka Hirahara Pf.Akira Miyagawa
5 Moon Tears ~Prayer~ Pf.Akira Miyagawa A.Sax.Makoto Hirahara
6 Under The Oak Tree S.SAX.AIKA S.Sax.Makoto Hirahara
7 Playhouse Vo.AIKA Cl./Bass.Cl.Makoto Hirahara
8 daddy Vo. SEND
9 Heart S.Sax.AIKA S.Sax.Makoto Hirahara
10 Manhattan Moon A.Sax.Ayaka Hirahara T.Sax.AIKA S.Sax.Makoto Hirahara
11 Rainy Nights and Lonely Afternoons Vo.Ayaka Hirahara Vo.Masashi SadaPf.Nobuo Kurata A.Sax.Makoto Hirahara
12 Himawari Vo. Ayaka Hirahara Vo. Masashi Sada Pf. Nobuo Kurata T. Sax. Makoto Hirahara
13 The Reason for Life Vo. Masashi Sada Pf. Nobuo Kurata
14 Night In Tunisia Vo.Ayaka Hirahara A.Sax.Makoto Hirahara
15 Feels Like Home Vo.Ayaka Hirahara T.Sax.Makoto Hirahara
16 To You Vo.Ayaka Hirahara
17 Memories Of You Cl. Makoto Hirahara

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His father is Tsutomu Hirahara, a famous jazz trumpeter before the war.
The daughters are AIKA and Ayaka Hirahara.
As a representative saxophonist of Japan who can play more than 8 instruments as the name of multi-saxophone, he can perform regardless of genre such as classical, jazz, pops, rock, and enka.
Participated in recordings and live performances of hit chart artists (Anzen Chitai, Koji Tamaki, Masashi Sada, Tatsuro Yamashita, DREAMS COME TRUE, B’z, PUFFY, Spitz, Mr. Children, etc.).
Participating in concerts by overseas artists such as Frank Sinatra, Natalie Cole, and Stevie Wonder, performing at Carnegie Hall, and recording over 1,000 songs a year at the request of New York and Hong Kong labels. participate in.
In addition to TV programs, movies, and commercials, he has also participated in Yukio Ninagawa’s “The Threepenny Opera” and Koki Mitani’s musical “Okepi!”.
Passes away on November 26, 2021

Makoto Hirahara 50th Anniversary Memorial Album ~The MAX~
Artist: Makoto Hirahara
Release date: Wednesday, March 1, 2023
Product number: COCX-41980
Price: Tax included: ¥3,000 (tax excluded: ¥2,727)
Product HP: https://columbia.jp/artist-info/hiraharamakoto/

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