Award-winning films by film graduates

What the darkness hidesby Romeo López; Y Spindrift, by Fabriccio Díaz, both graduates of the Francisco Marroquín University School of Cinema and Visual Arts, have been awarded at international festivals so far in 2021.

What the darkness hides was awarded at the Panama Horror Film Fest 2021 and Spindrift It was awarded at the LatinUy Festival in Uruguay.

As if it were a preview of what would come next, the first (filmed in 2018) tells the story of a couple who are locked in their house due to a dangerous virus. Fear causes the protagonists to make decisions that later weigh on their conscience and endanger their relationship.

The second tells a love story between Fabriccio and Rosmery —the main characters—, which takes place in the Caribbean landscapes of Puerto Barrios and Santo Tomás de Castilla in Izabal, Guatemala.

Film school

Guatemala, March 8, 2021.

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