Autumn session: The Council of States wants to support the self-employed better


The law is also intended to create a framework for the funding measures. It is not intended to create new subsidies. The proposal goes back to the Council of States with a difference. The National Council has expressly extended the scope of the law by participating in international programs.

According to the new regulation, the government should be able to delegate implementation tasks to an agency under private or public law. Parliament added that the State Secretariat responsible for Education, Research and Innovation can also entrust this agency with awarding grants.

In the National Council, the SVP wanted to delete the addition, also made by the Council of States, that this agency has a structure and legal form that enables Swiss participation in EU programs.

However, your application was rejected by 139 votes to 52. The majority saw it like the Council of States. It’s about building a bridge. Whether this is entered or not can be decided later, said Mustafa Atici (SP / BS), the spokesman for the Education Commission (WBK).

The council has rejected proposals from Red-Green to create a quota for women for the award of scholarships for stays abroad. Motions to exclude the areas of defense and armaments as well as areas in which human rights could be violated from funding did not find a majority. (SDA)

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