Autistic pupil closed in the school gym: the complaint of the parents

From Castellammare di Stabia, in the province of Naples, comes a very delicate story: a student with autism spectrum syndrome was found locked in the school gymnasium naked and dirty with his own excrement. So his parents found him in the gymnasium of his school, the 5th Karol Wojtyla Comprehensive Institute.

Investigators will investigate what happened: the Torre Annunziata prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation following the parents’ complaint, according to Napoli Today.

The story dates back to last September 30, when the parents, informed by an operator of the cooperative who accompanies the boy on the way from the institute to home, go to the institute.

In reality, the two parents had received a second call, this time from the secretariat of the comprehensive office in via Traversa Tavernola which, generically, asks to reach the institute because “something has happened to the child”.

When the two finally arrive, the scene before them is terrible: the 14-year-old is alone in the gym, he is no longer wearing his clothes and is dirty with excrement. The father tries to clean it as best he can, out of anger he throws a chair against the wall; the mother picks up the clothes and shoes left on the ground, the excrement and leftovers of the snack with her mobile phone, then yells at the teachers and the head teacher.

To restore control, the intervention of the carabinieri is needed.

The idea that the parents have made is that the pupil, who would still be able to make himself understood and to provide for his own needs and personal hygiene independently, would have been left closed for a long time in the gym, perhaps for the inability to handle a problematic situation like yours.

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Instead, as Il Mattino tells us, the school provides another version of the facts, that is the 14-year-old would have had a crisis that morning and for this he would have been taken to the gym, the only room where there are ample spaces, to avoid damaging the classrooms as would have done so in the past. The school reports that he would have undressed himself, succeeding despite the teachers’ attempts to dress him, because despite his young age he is very large physically: he is about one meter and ninety tall and weighs over 100 kilos.

A story that requires clarification


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