Authorities announce closure of public schools in NY


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that public schools in New York City and those in Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk counties will suspend their classes in order to stop the number of possible infections of the coronavirus.

Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk public schools will be closed for two weeks, starting this Monday, March 16.

Referring to the extracurricular evening programs and free meals, the state president said that details will be provided in the next few hours.

He urged the municipal government to develop a plan within the next 24 hours to ensure that those students who rely on free breakfast and lunch programs continue to receive this benefit.

Similarly, special support is planned for those employees of the health sector and emergency brigades who can have access to care for their minors, according to their needs.

Schools in New York City will also close as of March 16 and the first attempt to resume classes will be until April 20. However, the Mayor noted that there is a possibility that the suspension will be extended for the rest of the school year.

De Blasio pointed out that, at least for this coming week, schools will remain open to provide minors with the benefits of the free food program.

In this regard, the President of the Council expressed on social networks: “Thank you, Governor Cuomo for saying that NYC schools will close soon and request a plan in the next 24 hours. We must take actions that limit the spread of #coronavirus. We can and must find a way to responsibly close schools. “

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