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Just take a look at The Eras Tour of Taylor Swift to realize that the concert dress code has become a trend that is difficult to avoid. If your idol suggests what to wear to his concert, who are you as a fan to disagree?

the father He had warned us, he was working on the dress code for his upcoming concerts and he has already given us the range of colors he has chosen and it is a complete rainbow.

“I’ve been thinking, why don’t we put a dress code for Alpha Tour España? But not for everyone the same. What if we make each city have its color?”, he shared in a TikTok.

Varied Dress Code

“There are 7 cities and coincidentally, Alpha It has 7 colors. Well, I have decided to do a draw to see what color each city gets. But it’s not worth getting angry”, he reported how he made the selection.

And now we can clear up doubts, because she has shown us the entire range of colors chosen according to the city where you are going to see her sing.

“DRESS CODE #alphaTour España🫣 what color has touched them???

Valencia 🩷

Sevilla 🩵

Madrid 💜 (all 3 dates)


Barcelona 🤍 (both dates)

Málaga 💚

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 🧡

And of course, to encourage everyone who is going to go to his concerts, he warned: “‼️IMPORTANT 👀 I will repost the best/most original “looks” the day after each concert in my instastory (upload them with #alphatourlook so I can see them).”

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“You can do what you wanted, put on your makeup or put on some accessories.”. The whole look doesn’t necessarily have to be like that.. Make it yours”, he ended by saying.


DRESS CODE #alphaTour Spain🫣 what color did you get??? Valencia 🩷 Seville 🩵 Madrid 💜 (the 3 dates) Bilbao 🖤 Barcelona 🤍 (the 2 dates) Málaga 💚 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 🧡 ‼️ IMPORTANT 👀 I will repost the best/most original “looks” the day after each concert in my instastory (upload them with #alphatourlook so I can see them)

♬ miamor – Aitana & Rels B

And of course there are more than one who is going to use this dress code to go shopping. By the way, watching your video many have thought of two artists who have crossed their minds watching it.

  • Why is this video so Abraham Mateo?
  • Rosalie?
  • Abraham Mateo as a young man:
  • abraham mateo from young vibes with this video jshdjshsjs
  • Looks like Rosalía

From Latin America they are already asking you to also mark your dress code, I’m sure it won’t take long. The age Alpha is underway.

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