Aurora Vergara Figueroa was appointed Vice Minister of Higher Education | News Colombia

Between September and December 2021, he carried out a postdoctoral stay at the African American Research Institute WEB Du Bois, at Harvard University (United States).

Photo: Taken from Alejandro Gaviira’s Twitter

Alexander Gaviriawho will be minister of Education in the government of Gustav Petro, He announced through his Twitter account that Aurora Vergara Figueroa will be deputy minister Higher education. “Together with her we will work for the reconciliation of Colombia through the dignity of the education”, Gaviria pointed out. (You can read: Scholarships: open call for master’s degrees at a Spanish university)

Through a video published by the Senator for the Democratic Pole Alexander López Maya, one sees Vergara thanking Gaviria for the appointment, as well as to the universities “that have made this exercise possible, to the President, Gustavo Petroand the vice president, France Marquez”.

The new deputy minister assured that “we will work together, together, together in a great responsibility that we have in education for pazeducation for reconciliationeducation relevant. I know we will do a wonderful job. They have a servant to be able to advance in all the recommendations they are making to us to meet our goals.” (You may be interested: In 2021, the number of children declared as victims of the armed conflict increased)

Vergara was born in Calibut grew up in IstminaChocó, although very young he went to the Valley University, in his hometown, to study sociology. She then did two specializations in University of Massachusetts Amherst (United States), where he also completed his master’s and doctorate, both in sociology. Between September and December 2021, she developed a postdoctoral stay at the African American Research Institute WEB Du Bois, at the Harvard University (USA).

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The new deputy minister had also been serving as director of the Center for Afrodiasporic Studies from Icesi University. According to the description offered by the center, its objective is to promote “innovation, research, teaching and public intervention in aspects related to the histories, cultures, policies and production of knowledge of the african diaspora”. (You can also read: Universities must now have a gender protocol. What challenges do they face?)

Bojaya-Bellavista, the municipality of Chocó that was the victim of a massacre perpetrated on May 2, 2002 by the FARC guerrillas and that left at least 79 people dead, has been central in the investigation of the new deputy minister. Both her undergraduate thesis, as well as her master’s and doctorate thesis, address central issues of this population. In 2018 she also published a book in English entitled “The resistance of Afro-descendants to uprooting in Colombia: Bellavista-Bojayá-Chocó Massacre”.

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