Attijariwafa bank shareholders reaffirm their confidence by converting their dividends into shares

The shareholders of the Attijariwafa bank group have renewed their confidence in the banking group, responding to the group’s call to convert part of the dividends into shares. This translates into a capital increase of nearly 1.3 billion dirhams.

Attijariwafa bank’s capital increase operation, by optional conversion of dividends into shares, was a resounding success. Indeed, according to a report that we were able to consult, this conversion resulted in the creation of 3,313,308 shares, i.e. 90% the maximum potential of the operation set at 3,650,909 shares.

Remember that the banking group was authorized by a general meeting last December to distribute 2 dividends. The first in cash, of 6.75DH / share, and the second, of the same amount, convertible into shares. By acting in this way, the group has made it possible to remunerate its minority shareholders while respecting the recommendations of Bank Al-Maghrib in terms of shareholder remuneration.

The group must now publish the detailed results of the operation to know the nature of the investors who have converted their securities into shares and who have made it possible to strengthen the group’s shareholders’ equity by nearly 1.3 billion dirhams.


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