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The end of the holidays is approaching and the government is working on the vaccine strategy for the start of the school year. The return of the students will most certainly be done with the establishment of strict health protocols in the classroom. Objective: to fight against the contagiousness of the Delta variant. The President of the Country calls on parents of students to have their children over 12 years of age vaccinated: “I plan to open vaccination centers in schools, colleges and high schools so that our children can easily access this vaccination”, he said during the last speech.

The government will provide details on Wednesday. This start of the 2021 school year worries the teaching staff. In exceptional circumstances, exceptional provisions according to Unsa Education. Health measures should reassure students and teachers according to the union, which for the time being awaits announcements from the country. “School is still a place where the virus circulates. Let’s put in the means and we will see later how we will catch up with the programs. But I know that the faculty would not want a mix of distance and face-to-face. It’s extra work on top of the daily stress ”, says Secretary General Diana Yieng-Kow.

On the side of the federation of parents’ associations, the same story goes. We campaign for face-to-face in compliance with sanitary measures. The fapeep s says it is in favor of vaccination in colleges and high schools. But this measure could not be unanimous recognizes its president Tepuanui Snow: “The issue of vaccination is indeed problematic and very sensitive since this issue divides rather than unites. What is the solution ? Organize remote classes? This is not the solution. We saw that last year. The distanced class was more involved in dropping out of school. ”

The Snetaa FO will also be vigilant to the announcements of the Minister of Education. According to the general secretary of the union Maheanuu Routhier, vaccination in middle and high schools requires technical organization and should not slow down class hours. “The question that arises is the whole organizational aspect. Who comes to vaccinate? When ? How do we do ? And with what management of the students? How do we collect parental consent for underage students? ”

The country hopes to slow down the chain of contamination of the virus between the walls of schools. The objective is to ensure the continuity of teaching without having to close the classrooms.

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