Attendees at Taylor Swift concerts in Mexico report Covid-19 infections

NThere is no doubt that the concerts she offered in Mexico were a great success for Taylor Swift. For the fans they were also days that will be unforgettable with everything that was witnessed on the Foro Sol stage. But, unfortunately, cases of Covid-19 infections have begun to be reported.

This would have happened among the attendees who were at the venue facilities inside the Hermanos Rodrguez racetrack. That is why they have begun to share their feelings and state of health on social networks, as well as their concern for all of the swifties who were on those four great nights.

Covid-19 infections in Taylor Swift CDMX

It all started on the well-known video platform, TikTok. Ah, the user known as @mariardzrecio shared a video in which she went viral by sharing that the people who were at the live shows of ‘The Eras Tour’ at the Foro Sol in Mexico City were tested to be safe and secure that they did not have Covid.

This is because he assured that many people have said that they got sick and that now they are taking care of their health, after having lived hours of great happiness with their favorite singer in Mexico.

Friendship bracelets and why they are exchanged at Taylor Swift concerts

It must be remembered that these bracelets, known internationally as friendship bracelets, are made by each of Swift’s followers. It is the fan or the fan who, before attending each show of the singer, go on to acquire everything necessary to create their own bracelets to decorate them to her liking. However, they can also be found ready-made and have also been very well received in the specialized merchandise sections of The Eras Tour 2023.

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You have to remember that these bracelets became famous due to the song ‘You’re On Your Own, Kid’. It is in this theme that the singer shares the following phrase: “So make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it” / “Make the friendship bracelets, enjoy the moment and taste it.”

That is why the Swifties of the world are always looking for the ideal bracelet for the Taylor Swift shows and more in this The Eras Tour 2023, which is why it has also become common to exchange them depending on the phrases with which they most identify.

Taylow Swift and her success at the Foro Sol in CDMX

With an entrance looking at its maximum capacity, worthy of the great dates that the iconic Foro Sol has had, Taylor Swirt arrived for her appointments in Mexico.

With this it was demonstrated why Taylor Swift is considered one of the most successful singers in history. And without a doubt, the fans were quite pleased with this first show that is part of the acclaimed and recent LP ‘Midnights’.

Despite the fact that this occasion is being considered as the first for Taylor Swift in our country, the reality is that years ago she was already at a special event.

This occurred on January 21, 2011 in Cozumel. In any case, this is the first time that the interpreter from the United States has included Mexico City in her official tour.

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