At the closing of the SberLab-NSU Summer School, students defended 11 projects

On July 29, the SberLab-NSU Summer School for IT students was closed. This year, 28 senior students received the right to participate in the second summer intensive from the SberLab-NSU laboratory. As a result of intensive work during the month, 13 participants successfully defended 11 projects at the reporting conference and received certificates, scholarships, and an invitation to study at the laboratory in the new academic year.

β€” The educational program of the Summer School was aimed at teaching students the technologies underlying the creation of containers and the development of web applications. For four weeks, participants worked in teams, studied the architecture of Kubernetes and its components, and also learned how to deploy their applications in it using the Golang programming language. Most of the time students devoted to project work and solving cases from Sber experts, using modern technological solutions, – said the director of the educational and scientific center of the Faculty of Information Technologies of NSU Elena Nikitina.

One of the projects that successfully passed the defense offers Russian music platforms ready-to-implement functionality for making common playlists with friends. A similar add-on was implemented in Spotify, access to which is now limited, so the development can be considered very relevant and new for the domestic software market.

β€” My project is a platform for creating collaborative music playlists with friends. The functionality allows you to create groups to which you can invite your friends, and then each member of the group can create new playlists or add songs to those already created. The project turned out to be really very interesting and I would very much like to release it. However, there are a lot of issues with music rights, so I decided to put the project on hold for the time being. But I hope someday I will be able to find the time and solve all the problems in order to finalize and release a full-fledged application, – said the author of the development, a 2nd year student of FIT NSU Andrey Korneshchuk.

Also a fellow student Andrey Tamplon shared his impressions of the Summer School:

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β€œThe summer school was a useful and interesting pastime for me. I really liked the organization of the learning process: the lectures provided all the necessary information for doing homework, and a lot of time was left for independent work, which was a big plus for me. I especially want to note the lectures with a demonstration of the inner workings of Docker: they helped to understand how it works from the inside and got rid of treating it like a magic black box. Freedom in choosing the topic of the project allowed me to deal with the most interesting tasks for everyone, thanks to which I spent all my free time on the project with great pleasure. Fridays also helped, when you could ask questions and discuss problems.”

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