At a meeting of the regional government will consider the implementation of the national project “Education”

In the Tver region, the national project “Education” will be considered at a meeting of the regional government, which will be chaired by Governor Igor Rudenya on July 20.

The head of the region considers the main areas of work to be the support of young talents, the formation of a digital educational environment, ensuring access to quality education for all children in the Tver region, regardless of the area of ​​residence.

Special attention should be paid to the introduction of new and additional places in general education schools, the creation of centers for additional education, including in rural schools and small towns, conditions for physical education and sports, and the development of a vocational guidance system.

In addition, the meeting will consider the implementation of the national project “Labor productivity”. A plan for the implementation of the national project in the Tver region for the period up to 2024 will be presented.

The meeting participants will also discuss proposals for awarding the young talents of the Upper Volga region with a scholarship named after Sergei Lemeshev, granting grants to non-profit organizations and other issues.

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