At a Bad Bunny concert, a fanatic snuck onto the stage, circumvented security and had a terrible outcome

Bad Bunny, in his last concert he gave in Miami, showed why he is one of the most popular artists of the urban genre in the world.

The Hard Rock Stadium in the ‘capital of the sun’ was packed and witnessed an event that was recorded on several cell phones of the attendees and that quickly went viral on social networks.

One of the attendees of the show got on the stage where the Puerto Rican artist sang. The security, as soon as they realized what had happened, began to run after the fanatic without being able to catch up with her. What the artist’s follower did not count on was that the stage had a hole, through which she fell.

The blow she suffered was very strong and she had to be taken out on a stretcher and treated by the event’s first aid immediately. The current state of health of the reggaeton fanatic is unknown.

But this was not the only embarrassing event that was experienced at the Miami concert. There, various public figures, among whom were characters from the Colombian show business such as Carolina Gaitan and Catherine Siachoque, They posed with ears on their heads and showed through their Instagram stories how much they enjoyed the Puerto Rican artist’s performance.

Despite the emotion and happiness that they reflected in their stories, not everything turned out as the artists expected, since Carolina Gaitán experienced an unfortunate event, after the end of the show from the singer. The actress told her followers that someone “owner of other people’s” stole her belongings while leaving the place where the concert took place.

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“Everything was perfect, I had an incredible time at the concert with Catherine. When we had to go out, they took my wallet with everything and my cell phone, ”she explained.

To the surprise of the actress, it was worth nothing to be in the VIP area. “It was a spare cell phone that I had brought. This is so they know that they can be robbed anywhere and it’s a shame it was in a wonderful location. Luckily they are things that are replaced, ”she concluded.

More curiosities in Bad Bunny’s concerts

All the attention of the fans was focused on an unexpected reaction that the singer had when a person in the crowd threw his cell phone at him so he could take a picture. Bad Bunny was focused on looking at his cell phone, when the other mobile hit his hip and fell to the ground.

The artist moved his head and detailed the object, lowering the glasses he had on his head. The Latino crouched down, He took the cell phone and threw it towards the back of the stage, causing many attendees to laugh in surprise at the reaction he had.

Despite the fact that those present believed that the singer would apologize or take the mobile to give away the photo, things did not turn out this way and the entire presentation continued. Bad Bunny took his cell phone again and posed for the snapshot he wanted to achieve in the middle of the show.

In social networks, he was classified as “arrogant” for the attitude he had with that person who threw his cell phone, in addition to being criticized for throwing the object without permission. However, there are those who applaud that he defended himself in this way, since the object could have hit him worse.

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